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North Rhine-Westphalia

Surface area



17.8 million


Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive engineering, plastics and chemicals


Every 5th startup is based in NRW


Reach 500 million people in 2-3 hours

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North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is the economic heart of Germany and an international hub in Europe. The region is not only the economically strongest federal state with the highest share of gross domestic product, but also has numerous B2B and B2C customers and cooperation partners thanks to its high density of industrial and commercial companies. More than a third of the 50 companies with the highest turnover in Germany come from NRW.

NRW plays a key role in the digital transformation in Germany and offers start-ups and scale-ups the best conditions for growth. You benefit from an innovative, future-oriented environment and a large potential of qualified employees. Almost 70 universities educate around 770,000 students, with computer science and electrical engineering particularly well represented.

Thanks to the strong, business-oriented and cost-efficient infrastructure, numerous co-working spaces are being created to facilitate collaboration between R&D institutions, young entrepreneurs and established companies. Renowned start-ups such as Trivago and Just Spices have rightly settled at its headquarters.

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