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Saxony Anhalt

Surface area

20.452 km²


2.2 million


Chemistry, mechanical engineering

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This is Saxony-Anhalt

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Saxony-Anhalt is developing into a center for start-ups and is therefore a place where start-ups are particularly encouraged. Various support programs, concepts and active players contribute to a start-up culture that enables people to become self-employed. A major advantage: compared to other federal states, the costs for well-equipped business premises are lower and the distances are shorter.

Even though the hotspots of the ecosystem are Magdeburg and Halle, there is a high level of support and constant dialog within the entire region. With the Weinberg Campus, Halle has the largest technology park in eastern Germany after Adlershof in Berlin. This means that the density of non-university research institutions is high.

Thanks to the university start-up centers, Magdeburg and other cities can also build on modern and innovative infrastructures. In addition to the IT sector, engineering, e-health and life sciences are a focal point of Saxony-Anhalt’s ecosystem. Notable examples are the tech startup Smela and the startup PerioTrap, which specializes in dental health.

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