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HV Capital

HV Capital is one of the leading early-stage and growth investors in Europe. With a deep track record of spotting European technology winners, including the first generation of German billion-dollar businesses, and new disruptors like Flixbus, Enpal, SumUp and Isar Aerospace, HV Capital is continuously looking for the next generation of disruptors from every industry, including FinTech, SaaS, climate tech, and consumer goods. HV Capital has invested in around 225 internet and technology companies, supporting startups with ticket sizes ranging from ÔéČ500,000 to ÔéČ60 million, and is one of the few venture capital firms in Europe that can finance startups through all growth phases. With offices in Munich and Berlin, HV Capital has a team of more than 40 investment and operations professionals that provide a variety of perspectives and expertise across the venture capital landscape.

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