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STARTmunich e.V.

Start Munich is a student initiative with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among students. Our members come together to learn, network, and collaborate on entrepreneurial projects. Through a lively community, events, workshops, and active department work, Start Munich helps students develop the skills and knowledge they need to turn their ideas into successful ventures. Whether you are just starting out in entrepreneurship or an experienced founder, Start Munich provides a supportive and dynamic community for you to grow and succeed.

# Startup Services & Initiativen

(Additive) Manufacturing, Advertising & eCommerce, AR & VR, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, BioTech, Blockchain, Chemistry, Cyber Security, Education, Energy, Fashion, FinTech, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Health, Human Resources, InsurTech, Internet of Things, LegalTech, Logistics, Mobility & Travel, Non Profit Organisation, PropTech, Robotics, Social Media, Sports