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INBEX Systems Gmbh

INBEX Systems was founded with the goal of creating meaningful games and a desire of contributing to the transfer of knowledge within the game development industry. Combining the best of two worlds ÔÇô years of game development & management experience on the one hand, successful, long-lasting entrepreneurship on the other ÔÇô our founders Bj├Ârn, Klaus and Volker have merged their broad expertise into a solid foundation for a sustainable gamesÔÇÖ company.
In the years to come, we would like to share our own creations with the world and prove that gaming can be applied to a broad variety of topics. We are convinced that games can have a positive impact on society itself by bringing people together to interact with each other as well as by furthering knowledge, understanding and awareness in a diverse set of areas.


We are thrilled by the opportunities that arise from mixing entertainment with education and see a huge potential for increasing learning motivation with a gamified angle. Modern technologies offer a lot of possibilities for teaching in a more entertaining way. We would like to create games and gamified applications that reach a broad audience, cater to different types of learners and improve transfer of knowledge.
While we will also work on more entertainment-oriented games and other topics, our long-term goal is to build a portfolio of products that raise awareness of social as well as psychological problems and provide active assistance in overcoming them. We sincerely hope that all people who interact with our games will gain something for themselves from them.

#AR & VR #Advertising & eCommerce #Cyber Security #Education #Gaming #Health #Internet of Things #Mobility & Travel
Gr├╝ndungsjahr: 2022
Kundengruppen: B2B2C
Startup Stage: Growth


Volker Hahn