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ITAC Schriftzug

It takes a city to
raise a startup

Discover the heart of the Foundersphere platform: the colourful “It takes a city/region” campaign creates transparency and celebrates the local/regional start-up scenes.

OWL Skyline


Ostwestfalen-Lippe, one of Germany's economically strongest regions, has established a sustainable and future-oriented culture of innovation over time.

Stuttgart Skyline


The "kettle" is not only the political but also the economic centre of BW, which makes it a good location for start-ups.

Franken Skyline


The Franconia region has a broad spectrum of fields of competences. This makes it one of the most innovative high-tech regions in Europe.

Ruhrgebiet Skyline


The Ruhr metropolitan region is considered an up-and-coming hot spot for start-ups due to its favourable infrastructure, good universities and large companies.

Accelerator Guide

Still looking for the right support programme for your start-up? Then the Accelerator Guide Germany is just right for you.



Exclusive networking for the biggest start-up scenes in Germany! With founders, entrepreneurs, investors and strategic partners from media and business.


Virtual Round

In our Virtual Round Tables we discuss current topics around startups and players and create space for questions, suggestions and matchmaking.

HealthTech meets Innovation

Start-up Ecosystem Z├╝rich

Female Founders Impact

Recyclable products: from trend to commodity?


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Foundersphere values

give. give. give.

First give, then take. This is especially true for contacts and advice. At Foundersphere, we place great emphasis on giving and sharing before asking for anything back.

respect for

Everyone started small. No room for arrogance or airs and graces. At Foundersphere, we have a culture of respect, where we recognise each individual’s challenges and successes and treat each other as equals.

together instead of
against each other

Healthy competition: Sure. Otherwise, please grow together and use common ground. At Foundersphere we foster a climate of togetherness where we support each other, learn from each other and grow together.

openness and

A network can be the key to solutions and opportunities. At Foundersphere, we encourage our community to actively share ideas, because we believe that a strong network can be the key to new solutions and opportunities.





under a
common flag

A community that supports each other and is proud to be part of its start-up scene. At Foundersphere we are proud to be part of a strong and supportive community. We stand together under a flag that stands for cohesion, support and shared growth. Through our shared values and goals, we can leave a lasting mark on the start-up landscape and be successful. All together.

the own horizon

Inspiration can be found in all directions and industries. At Foundersphere, we encourage our community to think outside the box and find inspiration in different fields and industries. Because often the best ideas and approaches to solutions lie outside one’s own area of expertise. By opening up and adopting new perspectives, we can innovate and enrich our start-up community.

talk to each other about each other

Opportunities arise from sharing ideas, questions and information. At Foundersphere, we place great value on the open exchange of ideas, questions and information. By talking to and about each other, new opportunities arise, synergies are created and we can learn from each other. We promote a culture of active dialogue and joint development.

spreading the entrepreneurial mindset

Inspiring the start-ups of tomorrow. At Foundersphere, it is important to us to spread an entrepreneurial mindset and inspire the startups of tomorrow. We want to encourage people to take risks and give prospective founders the self-confidence to turn their ideas into reality. Through our offerings and community, we aim to create an atmosphere that encourages innovative thinking and action.






Many know the posters. Some of our events. Some people still know us as The Ecosystem Company. We are Foundersphere – a passionate team of start-up enthusiasts on a mission to connect and inspire the start-up world. Discover who we are, what drives us and how we bring together start-ups, players and established companies to achieve great things together.

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