It takes a city/region
to raise a startup

We visualise the unique regional startup scenes and show what your ecosystem has to offer.


“It takes a city/region”

Highlight key players

Posters, events and digital profiles. The start-up scenes are represented as a unit via different channels – internally and externally. This will help you grow together and show the other cities and regions what you have to offer.


Strengthen communities

The start-up scene thrives on exchange, mutual support and many actors who pave the way. Each campaign showcases the unique local startup landscape and all those who are committed to “their” startup scene.

Increase awareness

Whether as a startup, key player or ambassador – within the framework of our campaign, you have the opportunity to present yourself as an important part of your vibrant startup scene. Through your profile on Foundersphere, our partners can also learn more about you, which opens up the space for collaborations.

Advantages Benefit

Campaign participants are automatically entered into the lottery for a place on the campaign poster and, as part of the Foundersphere platform, also receive access to exclusive benefits, events and discounts through our Startup Benefit Programme (coming soon).


Start-up scenes

Current regional campaigns

Since 2017, we have been fascinated by showing the diversity and uniqueness of each startup ecosystem. The resulting campaigns are much more than that: they are commitment, inspiration and the basis for matchmaking.

Discover the startup world with us. Currently in 16 hotspots in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We are eager to discover new ecosystems. Worldwide. Would you like to support or exchange ideas? We look forward to hearing from you.



Start-ups are companies younger than 10 years
and have a planned growth in staff and turnover,
or are innovative in terms of technology, business model, service or product.

In general, we do not exclude anyone in principle, but decide on a case-by-case basis. Especially for entries from the areas of gastronomy, services, agencies and consultancies.

Key players are actors from the start-up scene whose actions are almost 100% oriented towards start-ups.
These are mainly: accelerator programmes, entrepreneurship centres, capital providers, events and start-up initiatives.

If start-ups are ‘just’ one of many target groups for you, you are probably not a key player. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this.

Ambassadors are the ambassadors of their local start-up scene. They are an important link. Typically, they are well connected and represent a community.

To be listed as an Ambassador, you should meet all the criteria:
  • You love startups and your local scene
  • You are already very well connected or are currently building intensively on it
  • You reach more than 1,000 people which are connected to the start-up world on LinkedIn
  • You want to be one of a few handpicked Ambassadors and be perceived as the face of your startup scene.
Every month we draw a startup that is already part of Foundersphere and put it in the spotlight. If you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to become Startup of the month, then make sure that the data in your profile is always up to date.
The campaigns are published annually. Key players from our database are automatically placed in the corresponding categories.

The placed start-ups are drawn from the Foundersphere pool every year, whereby we also pay attention to who has already been placed in previous years and how long the start-up has been registered. Accordingly, all startups in our database have the chance to appear on the poster for their regional startup scene every year.

Every year there are official distribution points where you can simply drop by and pick up a poster. As soon as the new edition has been published and the posters have arrived at the distribution points, you will receive an information mail with the specific facilities and addresses. The distribution points will also be published on the website.