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At Foundersphere, we love making valuable connections.
Our network partner programme is designed to facilitate this and bring benefits to all involved.
  • You simply submit the form.
  • We will check your entry within a few days. If we have any questions, we will actively contact you.
  • As a network partner, you have direct access to news posting via your profile, you will be the first to receive news from us and we will send you enquiries about collaborations, commissions or events for your community personally.
  • In return you share our campaign calls within your network and act as our facilitator in the local start-up scene.
  • Additionally visible in the Network Partner category
  • Post news independently on our platform
  • Your news will automatically be added to the news pool for our newsletter
  • You become part of Foundersphere
  • Are you an active part of your local start-up scene?
  • Are you driven by the search for added value for your community?
  • Your heart beats for founders, start-ups and entrepreneurship?

If the answer to at least one of the questions is YES, then you should become a part of Foundersphere.