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Surface area



13.14 million


Mobility & aerospace, medical technology, life sciences


around 50 universities


Regularly #2 in the locations of patent applications

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This is Bavaria

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You’ve probably heard the classic clichĂ©s about Bavaria, right? Some people think we drink beer all day, eat sausages and listen to brass band music all the time. But guess what? Like most stereotypes, this is not entirely true.

There are countless location factors that make Bavaria attractive for start-ups. This includes companies that are simply unique, some of the best universities in the world, unique startup networks and a digital infrastructure created for big ideas. All of these players are energetically supporting the local startup scene and creating a thriving landscape for venture capitalists and financing institutions.

That’s why managers here find perfect conditions to promote their businesses and a kaleidoscope of opportunities to collaborate with companies from different industries – this diversity makes Bavaria an ideal location for cross-industry innovation.

Apply now for our “Ois Easy Startup Package”, which guarantees you a soft landing in Bavaria. It is designed for start-ups that want to open an office here and establish themselves on the German market in the long term. And – needless to say – it comes completely free of charge.

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