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3.67 million


ICT, media, health, creative industries, mobility


Home to approx. 30% of all German startups

VC Funding

More than half of all German VC financing comes from Berlin

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Berlin is multicultural. Berlin is hip. Berlin is international. The capital has the perfect growth potential as a global hub for companies and is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the growing tech scene. The city attracts young, qualified people from all over the world.

Around 30% of all German start-ups are based in Berlin. And by far the most venture capital flows into Berlin. The high quality of life with a comparatively low cost of living, the lively scene and the international environment are the reasons for young entrepreneurs to realize their business ideas.

The starting conditions are advantageous: office and location costs are still lower than in many other major European cities. Berlin has the most co-working spaces in Germany, strong networks and numerous start-up centers and accelerator programs.

Berlin Partner provides you with helpful information and services to help you familiarize yourself with the specifics of a smooth business start-up in Berlin.

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