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Surface area

16.171 kmÂČ


12.12 million


Mechanical engineering

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The region offers a good infrastructure and a broad network for investors, companies and founders, which is why new start-ups regularly emerge. At 1.5%, the proportion of innovative start-ups in high and cutting-edge technology in Thuringia is twice as high as the national average.

Thuringia’s nine universities and colleges are well organized in the regional university start-up network and thus train students to become top performers at an early stage. Entrepreneurs are supported through various competitions, funding programs and co-working spaces as well as events throughout the year – both on site and online.

Despite its manageable size, the Thuringia region has a lot to offer. Established start-ups from various sectors have taken advantage of the location and made a name for themselves in a very short space of time. Three of them even made it into the top 15 start-ups in Germany in 2020: Spaceoptix GmbH, Polytives GmbH and rooom AG.

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